The Blind 盲人(高一英语作文)

出自:高一英语作文大全  发布于:2019年12月28日

Every year 15th, October is the White Cane Safety Day. It is no doubt that it is a festival for the blind people. It reminds us of caring the blind. I want to ask you when you meet blind people, have you ever help them. Some people are born of blind and some suffer from accidents. In a word, they are different from our normal people. Their life color is black, without any light. Can you imagine what kind of life would be for the blind? So they need help to live better and need love warm their heart. The appearing of seeing eye dog is a good way to show our care for them. But when we see the blind, we still should help them incumbent. For example, when we see a blind person crossing the road, we should give our hand to him. When they drop things, we should help them pick it up initiative. Helping people in need is our Chinese traditional virtue all the time. Let us strengthen our awareness to help the blind! Make a world filled with love.