Global Citizenship Begins at home(高三英语作文)

出自:高三英语作文大全  发布于:2019年12月30日

  Global Citizenship begins at home. Do you know what is the connotation of the Global Citizenship ? To be honest I don't understand the exactly meaning of the sentence ,so only can I explain it simply .Global Citizenship ,in my opinion ,is not something in word only ,but a kind of responsibility and undertaking ,a way of behaving and thinking .So Global citizenship begins at home ,with a commitment to live responsibility ,to regard all human begins as fellow citizens ,and to be proactive in seeking the common good.


  For us university students ,usually we are busy with exams or focusing on the incidents in daily life .We hardly pay attention to the global issues. However , as university students ,we should take the responsibility to think about them ,think about the life around us.

对于我们大学生来说,我们通常忙于考试或关注日常生活中的事件,很少关注全球性的问题。然而,作为大学生,我们应该有责任去思考这些问题,思考我们周围的生活。@ @ @一个月前,无锡太湖发生了一次严重的蓝藻暴发,使水不能饮用,这给无锡的市民带来了诸多不便。它警告我们打破了自然界的平衡,开始了。为了惩罚人类。

  A month ago ,a serious outbreak of blue algae in the Taihu lake in Wuxi made the water undrinkable, which brought so much unconvenient to the citizens in Wuxi .It warned that we broke the balance of the nature ,it began to punish the human.


  Apart from the environment we had broke at home ,we Chinese also have no sense to protect it when traveling abroad. Therefore Chinese travelers' behaviors in foreign countries have made the native intolerable .And the foreigners have the bad influence about our country.


  So I think the sentence of Global Citizenship begins at home means that everyone should be the global citizen ,should take the responsibility to protect our mother land .Global citizenship begins at home ,let we do it through the children and the parents ,through the school and the society, thou the government .There's an old saying : Action speaks louder than words. Let's act now .