Travelling Diary 旅游日记(英语作文范文)

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It was already late when we set out for the next town, fifteen miles away on the other side of the hills. It got dark soon; we drove fast along the narrow winding road that led to the hills. Wecouldn’tidentify any sign of the town marked on the map. Suddenly the car stopped. We had run out of petrol. Therefore, although we had little food with us, we decided to spend the night in the car.


Our meal finished very soon. I went to sleep at once. But my companion Bill who was a poor sleeper went for a walk up the hills. From the top of the hill he saw the lights of the town we were looking for. We unloaded all our luggage and pushed the car to the top of the hill at once. Then we went back to the luggage, loaded the car again and set off down the hill. We reached the town less than a quarter, and found a hotel quite easily.


How an exhausting day!