The Popularity of Chinese 汉语的流行(英语作文范文)

出自:英语作文范文大全  发布于:2021年03月13日

Since we go to school, we have to learn English, it has been one of the main subjects. As we have learned English for a very long time, we will complain about it, we always make the joke that the foreigners should learn Chinese. Now, it is not the joke anymore, the world’s watching China, more and more foreign people are interested in Chinese, they have learned Chinese. When we open the TV, we can find that a hot show called Chinese Bridge, it is a competition for the foreign students to show their Chinese. I have seen the show, I was very impressed, the foreign students spoke Chinese so well, they knew our culture, they had enthusiasm, which made them enjoy learning Chinese. We should learn from the foreign students, they show us the way to learn a language well.