A New Village 参观新农村英语日记(英语作文范文)

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Sep. 15 Sunday Fine

9月15日 星期天 晴

Yesterday we went to visit a village. On our way to the village, we were glad to see a lot of nice rice, vegetables and fruit in the fields. Also we saw new schools, factories and buildings.


We got a warm welcome at the village. Some farmers invited us to their houses. They had moved to the new buildings. Their living room was large and bright. In it there were all kinds of new furniture. Nearly every family had colour TV sets, fridges,washing machines and some of them even have bought motorbikes. Everyone had a smile on their faces. It was said that some guests from a foreign country would come to visit it.


We were very glad to find the farmers’ life had changed a lot. We hope their life will become better and better.



Sep. 15 Sunday Fine

9月15日 星期天 晴

We couldn’ t believe that it was a village. The buildings for the farmers were very beautiful, the streets were very clean and there were many flowers in front of the houses. In the middle of the village there was a school with a wonderful building and a large playground. All the children in the village study there.


The farmers got richer by planting vegetables and raising silkworms. In their houses there were colour TV sets, fridges,washing machines, new furniture and even motorbikes. All these showed the farmers’ life was getting better and better.


The great changes had attracted foreigners. Today some of them would come to visit it. We were happy for the farmers. We hope the farmers will be richer and happier.