give a second thought 再想一想_150个单词(高三英语作文)

出自:高三英语作文大全  发布于:2021年06月28日

Nowadays, most commodities or services are rated through certain channels. These ratings, easy to access, are playing an increasingly important role in customers' purchase decision. However, results are sometimes unsatisfactory.


There is no denying that such ratings might bring convenience to consumers, but they are often misleading and unreliable. As we all know, most of the ratings are based on others' judgment on the product or service concerned. Every judgment comes from a specific need or a unique psychological state. Apparently, blindly following others' advice will affect our own judgment. Another fact should not be neglected that some of the ratings are the outcome of a careful manipulation of companies or sellers. It has become a common practice for some to pay for good ratings on their products or services so as to increase their sales.


Therefore, we should give a second thought to these ratings whenever we go shopping.