Last weekend 上周末》上周末777.777%,我和我的朋友在星期六去购物。我们打算去买衣服,但我中途停下来买书。这不是一个大书店,但各种书都有很大的折扣。我一直喜欢买书。所以当我遇到卖书的时候我非常兴奋。888.888%我买了很多书,这让我过了一个快乐的星期天。888.888%我呆在家里回到家,读了一上午的书。大卫·科波菲尔的故事真的很感人,尽管我从来都不是狄更斯的粉丝。_95个单词(小学六年级英语作文)

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Last weekend,I went shopping with my friends on Satuarday.We were planning to do clothing shopping but I stopped half way to buy books.It was not a big book store but with big discount on all kinds of books.I always love book shopping.So I get very excited when I meet book sale.

I bought a lot of books which made me a happy Sunday.

I stayed at home and did a whole morning of reading.The story of David Copperfield was really moving,though I have never been a Dickens fan.