My friends 我有很多朋友。托尼是我的同学。他比我高。珍妮是我的好朋友。她';她的头发比我的长。我的手比她的小,而且更胖。艾米是我的;修女;。她比我矮5厘米;我的腿比她长10厘米。_60个单词(小学六年级英语作文)

出自:小学六年级英语作文大全  发布于:2021年06月28日

I have many friend.Tony is my classmate.He is taller than me.Jenny is my good friend. She's hair is longer thanmine.My hands are smaller than hers,and fatter.Amy is my "sister".She is 5cm shorter than me.I'm is stronger and bigger than she.My legs is 10cm than hers.