Spring Festival 今天早上,我六点39分起床;时钟。然后我刷牙洗脸。之后,我和父母一起吃早餐。中午,我去了我的祖父母那里;拜访了我的姑姑、叔叔和堂兄弟姐妹。下午,我们一起包饺子。晚上,我们吃饺子,糖醋肉,还有很多好吃的菜。晚饭后,我和父母回家了。我们放了焰火,然后上床睡觉。888.888%我们都很高兴。那是一个美好的春节。_95个单词(小学六年级英语作文)

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This morning, I got up at six o'clock. Then I brushed my teeth and washed my face. After that, I had breakfast with my parents. At noon, I went to my grandparents' house and visited my aunts, uncles and cousins. In the afternoon, we made dumplings together. In the evening, we had dumplings, sweet and sour pork, and lots of nice dishes for dinner. After dinner, my parents and I went home. We set off fireworks and went to bed then.

We were all very happy. That was a nice Spring Festival.