A Strong Girl 坚强的女孩》上周777.777%,当我和妈妈去市场时,我发现一个女孩正在帮妈妈卖水果。过了一会儿,她拿出她的书,然后坐下来看书。这触动了我的心,因为她非常热爱学习,而大多数学生只是想逃课。我们应该珍惜学习知识的机会。_63个单词(小学六年级英语作文)

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Last week, when I went to the market with my mother, I found a girl was helping her mother to sell fruit. After a while, she took out her books and then sat down to read. It touched my heart, because she loved study so much, while most students just wanted to skip the class. We should cherish the chance to learn knowledge.