Green Food 绿色食品_141个单词(高一英语作文)

出自:高一英语作文大全  发布于:2020年05月26日

Nowadays, green food is favored by more and more people and it can be seen in many supermarkets. The popularity of green food lies in the security. Many years ago, many popular snacks and restaurants were accused of containing the ingredients that were below the standard. The public felt scared and insecure, because they had access to the low quality food all the time and they even did not know it. As green food came into being, the scientists advocated to eat it. The public were happy to accept, even though the price was a little higher than the average food. What's more, green food is very healthy. It contains low fat, which is good for people's health. Choosing the green food shows people's life standard has improved and they realized the importance of health.