World Refugee Day 世界难民日(大学英语作文)

出自:大学英语作文大全  发布于:2020年08月01日

In China, we live the peaceful life, which is owing to the policemen and soldiers’ protection, so that we can live with happiness and enjoy the comfortable life. But in many parts of the world, life is not easy for people to live, such as the poor areas, where people are facing war and starvation. Some developed countries offer them the chance when these refugees come to the rich areas.


In most western countries, the governments welcome the refugees’coming and are willing to give them some help. These refugees offered the chance to work and their children can share the education right. The United Nations have been working so long to fight for the refugees’ right. As a result, they named June 20th as the World Refugee Day, in the hope that these poor people could get help from other countries.


Though peace is the main theme today, for some countries, people are still fighting for the country’s unity, so the civil war happens, which brings great suffer for the ordinary people. We are lucky to born in a peaceful country and feel so appreciate to the thing we have now.