Making Friends Online 网上交朋友(大学英语作文)

出自:大学英语作文大全  发布于:2021年01月12日

Internet provides people a big world and expands the friends circle. A lot of young people rely on the Internet so much. They use it to work and to make friends. Making friends online once was criticized by the public, but still it is the main way for the young generation to make social communication.


Making friends online surely will take some risks. The news reported some negative cases about how teenagers got cheated by net friends. Some bad guys make use of this free information stage and pretend to be some young and beautiful faces, waiting for the na?ve people to send them money or seduce them to do criminal things.


Bad incidents happen sometimes, but the good sides take up the leading roles. The world gets closer and we can see around the world by the Internet. When we make friends with people from different areas and countries, we learn from each other and broaden our vision.


Internet provides a stage for people to make connection with each other and share information, but we need to take care when we make friends with strangers online.