Chinese Blind Date 中国式相亲(大学英语作文)

出自:大学英语作文大全  发布于:2021年01月12日

Chinese parents are considerated to be the most responsible persons in the world, they take care of the kids all the time, even they have already grown up and been adults. Unlike the western parents, the kids need to move out and to be independent after 18. Chinese parents even interfere their children’ marriage.


People try to advocate the slogan for girls that if you marry a guy, then you will marry to his whole family, which means the girl needs to take many things into consideration. Recently, the hot show Chinese Blind Date reflected many problems in the blind date. The boys’ parents took charge of the situation all the time, they picked the girls from all sides, while the boys listened to his parents.


Most Chinese parents are still thinking in the traditional way, they are such powerful that leads to the weakness of their children. Men and women are tend to be equal today, and the young persons have rights to decide which one they love, all the parents need to do is to send wishes. It also helps to keep a harmonious relationship.