The Difficulty of Learning Chinese 学习汉语的困难(大学英语作文)

出自:大学英语作文大全  发布于:2021年01月13日

With the development of Chinese economy, the world is seeking business cooperation with China, so as to win the booming market. Learning the local language helps them to win more Chinese customers, so more and more foreigners start to learn mandarin, but they find it is the most difficult language to master.


Firstly, there are four tones in Chinese language, which is hard to pronounce for them. As different tones has the different meanings, foreign people feel confused when they hear different tones, they can’t figure out the meanings, because the words sound almost the same. So most of them speaking Chinese just ignore the tones, which makes them have special accent.


Secondly, Chinese language is profound, especially the old poems. The history of more than five thousand years makes this big country full of charm. At the same time, the old poem is also difficulty for the local people, let alone to the foreigners. We can keep trace of the history by studying the poems. So it is the necessary part learning mandarin.


As the saying that there is a will, there is a way. Some foreigners still can learn Chinese well.