My Annoyance 我的烦恼(大学英语作文)

出自:大学英语作文大全  发布于:2021年04月02日

Since I come to college, I feel so excited about the new life. Before I go to college, I have pictured the wonderful life here, but now I find I have many problems and the campus life is not as wonderful as I think. I need to adjust my lifestyle.


In high school, in order to inspire students to study hard, teachers always picture the amazing life in college, so most students treat college as the paradise. But when they start the new life, they find the difference between dream and reality. For me, I think I could play most of the time, joining parties and making a lot of friends. However, study occupies most of my time. I have so many lessons to learn. Sometimes I even have class at night. This makes me feel unexpected.


But the time to study is not the only annoyance for me. I feel so frustrated when I lag behind other classmates. In the college, I meet classmates from different cities, and some of them have the talents in paining and dance, some studied very well. So I felt small and faced pressure. Now I learn that I should learn from them and don’t treat them as competitors. Enjoying study comes first.