newspaper and computer 报纸与电脑(大学英语作文)

出自:大学英语作文大全  发布于:2021年04月02日

As the development of the Internet, the traditional way of reading daily news has been challenged, more and more people trend to read news online, while still some people insist on reading it on the newspaper. People argue which is the best way for reading news, in my opinion, there is no best way, different people choose different manner.


Reading news online is fast and paying for free. Most young people get used to it, they use the computer every day, so that they count on the computer to receive the all kinds of information. Reading the newspaper is troublesome, they don’t like to hold the paper, it is not convenient.


While still many people like to read on the newspaper. Especially the old generation, before the popularity of computer, they read the news from the newspaper, they get used to this manner, even the computer is convenient, they just like to keep this habit.


The ways to read news are various, there is no need to compare them. I’d prefer to read it on the Internet, but sometimes I find reading it newspaper brings me fun when I have breakfast.