About Care 关于爱心(大学英语作文)

出自:大学英语作文大全  发布于:2021年04月08日

With the development of Internet, when people are in trouble, they can get help by launching the loving care project, then the public will donate money to them. It is the popular way to get help today. We see the famous stars joining all kinds of care projects and the news report about some ordinary people offer a little help. All of them do the same great thing.


People are easy to be attracted by the big numbers, so when the news report the big money donated by some people, they will be impressed and remember the name. But as I grow up, I understand that love and care shouldn’t be measured by numbers. For example, if a mother spends some money to buy one thing that her child needs, the rich mother will buy the expensive one while the poor mother will buy the cheap one, but the love for the children are equal. So there is no need to compare about numbers.


We should be grateful to the one who helps us or cares about us. Love is equal, no matter people show it in what way.