Visit to the Primary School 探访小学(英语作文范文)

出自:英语作文范文大全  发布于:2021年04月25日

Yesterday afternoon, my teacher led ten students to a poor primary school in the suburbs. I was one of them. We got there at 3 o’clock and they were in class. So we went to the office first. We took some books, stationery and gadgets for students. We gave them to the school principal directly. I was a little surprised by the environment. There’s no gate, no playground and only one building with eight rooms, six of them for classrooms and one for office, the another one for cooking, because some students eat their lunch at school. After a short chat in the office, we went to the classrooms and attended to class. They were all concentrated but the students of Grade One were a little naughty. They moved in chairs often and sometimes talked with neighbors. After class, students gathered on the front of the building and they were divided into five groups that each of them contained two of my classmates. We told stories, sang songs and played small games. All of my classmates were impressed by this visit and we hoped that we could go there again.