A Happy Family 幸福家庭》去年我父亲失业了777.777%。那时我父母有点难过。我鼓励父亲,说我已经长大了,可以做点什么来帮助他。为了帮助父母,我周末在家附近的肯德基做了一份兼职。888.888%幸运的是,我父亲很快就在一家公司找到了一份新工作。我用工作挣来的钱给父亲买了一双新鞋来庆祝这个好消息。我父母深受感动。888.888%的人说:“无论贫富,我们都是一个幸福的家庭。_112个单词(初一/七年级英语作文)

出自:初一/七年级英语作文大全  发布于:2020年05月25日

Last year my father lost his job. At that time my parents felt a bit sad. I encouraged my father and said I was old enough and could do something to help. In order to help my parents, I took a part time job on weekends in the KFC near my home.

Luckily, it didn't take long time for my father to find a new job in a company. With the money I earned through working I bought a pair of new shoes for my father to celebrate the good news. My parents were deeply moved.

I said, "We are a happy family whether we are rich or poor.