A trip to the zoo 动物园之旅》今天是星期天。今天阳光明媚。我和妈妈一起去动物园。我能看见许多动物。有老虎、狮子、熊猫、蛇等等。你看!熊猫在那边。他们来自中国。看熊猫宝宝!它在爬树。多可爱啊!我爱熊猫。888.888%接下来,我们去看狮子。狮子太强壮了。他们的嘴太大了。老虎就在他们旁边。他们来自亚洲。它们是黄色的。最后,我们去看猴子。有的在爬山,有的在吃香蕉。他们太有趣了!888.888%我在动物园看到很多动物,我今天真高兴!_124个单词(初一/七年级英语作文)

出自:初一/七年级英语作文大全  发布于:2021年04月18日

Today is Sunday. It's sunny today . I go to the zoo with my mother. I can see many animals . There are tigers ,lions ,pandas ,snakes and many more. Look ! The pandas are over there . They're from China . Look at the baby panda ! It's climbing trees. How cute it is ! I love pandas.

Next, we go to see the lions .The lions are so strong . Their mouths are too big. The tigers ae next to them. They are from Asia. They are yellow. At last,we go to see the monkeys . Some are climbing moutains , some are eating bananas . THey ' re so much fun !

I see many animals at the zoo and I 'm so happy today!