On Mobile Phone 用手机(四级英语作文)

出自:四级英语作文大全  发布于:2020年01月08日

Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile phones. In the street, on a bus, in a restaurant, actually in every other public places, you can hear someone speaking with a mobile phone. Many college students have bought mobile phones, too.

The mobile phone is so popular because of many reasons. First of all, it is a very useful communication tool. When you are out and you need to contact someone urgently, a mobile phone will enable you to do this if there is no telephone box nearby. A beeper is not always sufficient for your purposes. Second, it is a fashionable product which many youths want to have. Mobile phone manufacturers have used famous stars as their propagandists. At last, the prices of mobile phones are dropping as a result of the scientific development. Ordinary people can afford a mobile phone now. The mobile phone is getting more and more accepted by the common public.

However, the mobile phone can also become a nuisance sometimes. In a classroom when everybody is taking an important exam, the ring of a mobile phone causes almost some kind of sound pollution. Those who have mobile phones should avoid disturbing others in public places.