Travel alone or...独自旅行或结伴旅行(四级英语作文)

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Travel alone or travel with a companion

When it comes to a traveling way, different people will offer different opinions.

Some people like to travel alone, while others prefer to travel with a companion. Of course every one has different considerations for his preference. Traveling alone one can enjoy more freedom. The traveler can arrange his tour as he wishes. Without the trouble of compromising with others. Morever, traveling alone tends to bring the traveler unexpected surprises, such as making a new friend and enjoying different scenery.

Compared with traveling alone, traveling with a companion has also its advantages. For one thing the group members can help and look after each other on the journey. For another traveling with others who have the same interest as you, you can share experiences and pleasure with them.

As for me, I prefer to travel with a companion. Firstly, we can together deal with the possible problems and difficulties on the journey. Secondly, I like to share the experience of traveling with others. In summary, both traveling alone and traveling with a companion have their own attractions and you can enjoy the pleasure of traveling from either one.