Campus Lectures 校园讲座(四级英语作文)

出自:四级英语作文大全  发布于:2020年01月07日

Nowadays more and more lectures are held on college campuses. These lectures are usually on different topics,such as arts,life, psycology,the economy,world issues. Lectures have become an important part of college campus life. Undoubtedly college students have benefited a lot from various lectures. Above all, the lectures broaden the students' knowledge horizon and cultivate their interest in different fields.

What's more, some lectures teach students practical knowledge and skills,such as how to make up and how to become self-confident. Besides,lectures make the life of college students colourful and enjoyable.

With these merits,lectures are a good complement to required classes. However,if a student spends too much time attending lectures, his regular study might be affected. Therefore,in my opinion, college students should attend good lectures on condition that they do their class work as well.